Guidelines before taking Bimatoprost, Generic Latisse

Guidelines before taking Bimatoprost

Make sure this drug is used as it is directed by the doctor. Do not discontinue or change the dosages without the permission of the doctor. Mention the physician if you have any eye disorders. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this medicine then you should not use it. The dosages should be maintained impeccably as overdose may offer the threat of ocular reaction. After using it if you notice any problem then it should be reported to your health care provider. Buy Bimatoprost - You should avoid applying this medicine while wearing contact lenses as the chemicals can be absorbed by the soft lenses. After using the eye solution you should wait for at least 15 minutes and then wear the contact lenses. Keep in mind that the tip of the container should not touch the surface of the eyes as it could contaminate the drug. Bimatoprost should be used at long term basis in order to get satisfactory results. The free applicator is provided with the purchase of Bimatoprost which can be used less than 20 times. Disposal of the container should be done correctly and keep it away from the children. This drug could be used during pregnancy but nursing mother should consult with the physician before using it.